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Her Excellency Wu Xi, New Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Niue, arrived in Wellington

   On the evening of March 25, Her Excellency Wu Xi, the new Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Niue, arrived in Wellington. On behalf of the New Zealand Government, Deborah Geels, Manager of North Asia Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, received Ambassador Wu at the airport. About 50 people gathered at the airport to welcome Ambassador Wu, including officials from the Chinese Embassy, representatives from the Overseas Chinese community and the media.

   Ambassador Wu noted that New Zealand is a beautiful and friendly country. She was pleased and honored to serve as the 13th Ambassador of China to New Zealand and would make every effort to further promote the development of China-New Zealand relationship. Over the past nearly 46 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, bilateral relations have been flourishing and become a model for China’s relations with developed countries. Today, China-New Zealand relationship is facing new historic development opportunities. China is willing to work with New Zealand to enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation in various fields so as to upgrade the bilateral relations to a higher level, bring about more benefits to the two countries and two peoples, and make contributions to the peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia Pacific region and the world as a whole.

   Ambassador Wu expressed her thanks to the overseas Chinese community for their contributions over the years to the development of China-New Zealand relations. She affirmed that the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, as always, would continue to provide quality services for the overseas Chinese community.

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