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The Chinese Embassy in New Zealand Holds a Joint Meeting for Consular Protection

On November 26, the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand held a joint meeting for consular protection in Rotorua. Over 50 people participated the meeting including representatives from the New Zealand Police, New Zealand Immigration, New Zealand Ministry of Tourism, Rotorua City Council, Rotorua Tourist Office, Rotorua Police, leaders of the Chinese community in Rotorua and the surrounding areas, Chinese businesses, overseas Chinese students, travel agencies and the Chinese media.

Ambassador Wang Lutong delivered a keynote speech, briefing the participants on the development of China – New Zealand relations, the Embassy’s consular protection status and services provided for overseas Chinese. Ambassador Wang noted that in recent years, with the further development of China – New Zealand relations, the number of Chinese tourists and Chinese people studying, working and engaging in economic and trade exchanges in New Zealand was increasing. The Chinese Embassy in New Zealand attached great importance to the security of Chinese individuals and institutions to effectively safeguard the rights and interests of overseas Chinese. The Chinese Embassy’s consular services were ‘people-oriented - diplomacy for the people’. The Chinese Embassy is also actively engaged in educating and guiding Chinese citizens to comply with New Zealand laws and regulations, and to respect local customs and rituals. Ambassador Wang expressed his appreciation towards various New Zealand departments and towards the Rotorua City Council for the information services provided to Chinese tourists, assistance rendered to the Chinese Embassy and consulates dealing with consular cases, and their efforts to improve the security environment for tourists. Ambassador Wang also expressed his gratitude towards the overseas compatriot leaders for their active role in assisting to settle unexpected consular cases involving Chinese tourists.

Ambassador Wang hoped that the New Zealand Police could enhance the security of Chinese individuals, institutions and the Chinese community. In particular by increasing security patrols in key tourist areas to crack down on theft, robbery and other criminal activities. Ambassador Wang hoped that New Zealand immigration authorities could adopt more visa facilitation measures for Chinese people coming into New Zealand; New Zealand Customs could provide express clearance services for Chinese tourists; and that the New Zealand transport and tourism sector could further improve road traffic safety measures to provide protection and to facilitate and secure the personal and property safety for Chinese tourists.

New Zealand Police Superintendent Wallace Haumaha, National Strategic Ethnic Advisor Rakesh Naidoo, Rotorua Councillor Trevor Maxwell, Rotorua Police Inspector Steve Bullock, Rotorua Tourism Asia Marketing Manager Cynthia Fang, New Zealand Ministry of Tourism and New Zealand Immigration representative Andrew Johns, President of the Rotorua Chinese Association Baojian He, New Zealand China Travel Service General Manager Lisa Li, WAIARIKI Institute of Technology International Department Director Xin Wei and Hell's Gate Resort Manager Scott Zhang spoke at the meeting, introducing the specific approaches adopted by their institutions to provide security and information services to Chinese tourists and students. All participants noted that they would continue to strengthen communication and liaison with the Chinese Embassy and consulates to ensure the safety of Chinese people and safeguard the stable development of the New Zealand tourism market. Representatives from the overseas Chinese community, Chinese businesses, Chinese students and travel agencies all actively engaged in the discussion and agreed to strengthen coordination and information exchanges to cooperate with the Chinese Embassy to improve consular standards.

Copies of the ‘Consular Protection and Assistance Guide’ were distributed to meeting participants.

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