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Xi Jinping Meets with Some Leaders of Pacific Island Countries

On November 22, local time, President Xi Jinping met respectively with some leaders of the Pacific Island countries in Nadi, Fiji, and exchanged views with them on developing bilateral friendly cooperation.

When meeting with President Emanuel Mori of the Federated States of Micronesia, Xi Jinping stressed that China has always advocated that countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, are all equal members of the international community, and should respect each other, treat each other equally and offer each other sincere help. China respects the development path chosen independently by the people of the Federated States of Micronesia, and is willing to, together with Micronesia, maintain exchanges at high and various levels, enhance communication on governance and administration of state affairs, deepen cooperation in such fields as fishery, new energy, infrastructure construction, economy and technology, and promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges. China supports the efforts of Micronesia in tackling climate change.

Emanuel Mori expressed that Micronesia-China relations have scored substantial development since the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic relationship 25 years ago. The bilateral cooperation has vigorously advanced economy and improved people's livelihood in Micronesia. Micronesia will continuously adhere to the One China policy, and hopes to intensify bilateral exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, people-to-people and cultural engagement and other areas. Micronesia appreciates the action objective on post-2020 emission reduction announced by China, and is grateful to China for its understanding on and support to the concerns of the small island countries.

When meeting with Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi of Samoa, Xi Jinping noted that China establishes strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development with the Pacific Island countries, which also charts the course for China-Samoa relations. We appreciate that Samoa firmly sticks to the One China policy. Samoa boasts rich resources in agriculture, fishery and tourism, while China enjoys advantages in capital, technology and market, therefore, both sides should fully tap the potential and enhance cooperation. China stands ready to help Samoa develop clean energy and deal with climate change.

Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi said that Samoa-China relations are developing on the basis of mutual trust and mutual respect. Samoa hopes China continue supporting its national construction and is willing to actively participate in the forum between China and the Pacific Island countries on economic development and cooperation.

When meeting with Prime Minister Peter O'Neill of Papua New Guinea, Xi Jinping pointed out that Papua New Guinea is a country with the largest area, the largest population as well as the largest development potential in the Pacific Island region. Both China and Papua New Guinea are developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, sharing many common interests and common language. China views Papua New Guinea as an important cooperative partner in the Pacific Island region, and is willing to, together with Papua New Guinea, expand cooperation in agriculture, forestry, fishery, infrastructure construction, energy resources and other fields, earnestly implement the Ramu Nickel Mine project, the liquefied natural gas project between Sinopec Group and Papua New Guinea and other key cooperation projects, and enhance coordination and cooperation in Asia-Pacific and Pacific Island countries affairs.

Peter O'Neill expressed that China has played an important role in advancing economic and social development in Papua New Guinea, and Papua New Guinea welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in the country. China is a strategic partner to the Pacific Island countries, and Papua New Guinea actively supports the friendly cooperation between the Pacific Island countries and China.

When meeting with Prime Minister Joe Natuman of Vanuatu, Xi Jinping stated that Vanuatu enjoys important influence in the Pacific Island region. China appreciates that Vanuatu takes its relations with China as a priority in diplomacy, and firmly backs the efforts of Vanuatu in safeguarding its own rights and interests and developing its national economy. Vanuatu enjoys unique advantage in its characteristic agriculture and fishery resources, and hopes that Vanuatu takes full advantage of China's zero tariff treatment to its exports and expands its export to China. China is willing to continue to train various talents for Vanuatu, and will, as always, support the efforts of the Pacific Island countries including Vanuatu in addressing climate change and pushing forward sustained development.

Joe Natuman expressed that China is a sincere friend of the Pacific Island countries. China's support and assistance to Vanuatu is very timely. He thanked China for cultivating the first doctoral student for Vanuatu in its history. Not long ago, China's hospital ship "Peace Ark" visited Vanuatu and carried out treatment, which passed on friendship. Vanuatu expects to intensify economic and trade cooperation as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

When meeting with Prime Minister Henry Puna of the Cook Islands, Xi Jinping stressed that China appreciates the Cook Islands' firm support to the issues regarding China's core interests and major concerns, and is willing to strengthen cooperation with the country in an endeavor for the birth of more tangible projects in fishery, mining and other areas. The water supply project for Rarotonga Island is the first trilateral cooperation project conducted by China, New Zealand and the Cook Islands in the Pacific Island region, which should be completed at an early date, thus to benefit the local people. China is actively considering setting up the Confucius Institute in the Cook Islands so as to advance people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Henry Puna said that China respects us, treats us as equals and help us develop agriculture, construct infrastructure and improve people's livelihood. The Cook Islands hopes to bring the bilateral friendly cooperative relations to a new high. The Cook Islands will, as always, firmly support China in Taiwan-related and other issues, and hopes China continue supporting and participating in economic and social development in the Cook Islands, and welcomes Chinese citizens to travel in the country.

When meeting with Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano of Tonga, Xi Jinping noted that China-Tonga friendly exchanges enjoy a time-honored history. China cherishes its friendship with Tonga, supports the efforts of the Tongan government in maintaining domestic stability and promoting economic and social reform as well as sustained development, and stands ready to enhance cooperation with Tonga in infrastructure construction, people's livelihood, talent training and other fields and help Tonga cope with climate change within the framework of South-South cooperation.

Lord Tu'ivakano expressed that Tonga-China relations are developing smoothly on the basis of mutual respect. Tonga hopes to, with the help of China, overcome the difficulties brought by the international financial crisis, push economic recovery and growth and improve people's livelihood.

When meeting with Prime Minister Toke Talagi of Niue, Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Niue enjoy a sound development in bilateral relations. China is willing to continuously expand friendly exchanges and enhance cooperation in such fields as fishery, infrastructure construction and medical care with Niue and help to speed up development in the country.

Toke Talagi said that China's policy toward the Pacific Island countries conduces to the sustained development in the Island countries, which is highly popular among peoples of those countries. Niue appreciates China for actively conserving energy and reducing emission, which is tangible support for the small island countries handling the challenge of climate change.

Xi Jinping also witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperative documents with the above-mentioned state leaders respectively.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others were present.

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