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Ambassador Wu Xi visits Cook Islands Apii Nikao School

On October 25, during her visit to the Cook Islands, Ambassador Wu Xi visited the Apii Nikao School which was a construction project aided by China.

Ambassador Wu told the students that this school is a symbol of friendship between China and the Cook Islands. She was pleased to see the students studying and growing happily, and she hoped that they would take advantage of their opportunities and study hard. While they were pursuing their personal dreams, they would become the bridge of friendship between the two countries. She gave the students books about Chinese history and culture as well as panda dolls.

The Principal of Apii Nikao School, Elizabeth Kapi, together with the students, warmly welcomed Ambassador Wu to the school. She expressed her gratitude to China for its positive contribution to promoting the development of local education. Many students were excited to take the hand of Ambassador Wu and show her around the school, their classrooms and learning resources, and to present their paintings and craft work. They all indicated that they truly love their new school.

The China National Symphony Orchestra, which was invited by the Chinese Embassy to perform in the Cook Islands, performed for the students in the school hall. The music was greeted with enthusiastic applause and cheering. Many of the students said that it was their first live symphony orchestra and they very much enjoyed this memorable cultural gift, and the passions of the Chinese musicians.

After the visit, Ambassador Wu Xi gave an interview of the local TV station to talk about the assistance provided by China for this school. She noted that China will continue to provide assistance within its capacity to the Cook Islands with no political strings attached.

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