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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on April 25, 2012

On April 25, 2012, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin held a press conference.

Q: President Kiir of South Sudan said during his meeting with President Hu Jintao that Sudan had declared war on South Sudan and he hoped that China could support South Sudan. How does China comment? Could you brief us on President Kiir's specific itinerary in Shanghai?

A: Information has been released on President Hu Jintao's talks with President Kiir yesterday. China expresses concerns and worries over the continued tension between Sudan and South Sudan. As neighbours to each other, the two Sudans can only achieve common development through peaceful co-existence, which is also conducive to promoting regional peace and stability. China calls on both Sudan and South Sudan to exercise calmness and restraint, avoid further escalation of tension and stay committed to proper resolution of their disputes and each other's concerns through dialogue and negotiation.

China has been engaging the two Sudans though various means for peace talks with the view to easing their conflicts and upholding regional stability. Chinese ambassadors to the two countries and to the UN have done huge amount of work to this end. In Beijing, China has also pursuaded the two Sudans through different channels. Special Representative Zhong Jianhua of the Chinese Government on African Affairs will pay visits to the two countries soon for mediation.

As far as I know, President Kiir has cancelled his visit to Shanghai.

Q: In a recent case in Sydney, Australia, Chinese students were beaten up. Is the Chinese Government worried about the security situation in Australia. What measures does China hope Australia to take?

A: On April 23, two Chinese nationals were attacked by six locals on a train in Australia. The Chinese side took the issue seriously. The Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney made contact with the Chinese victims on the very night, provided consular protection and urged the Australian police to speedily and properly handle the case. As far as I know, all six suspects have been arrested.

The Chinese side will stay in contact with competent authorities of Australia to handle well the follow-up work. China hopes that the Australian side will further step up public security measures in a bid to provide a sound environment for foreign nationals in Australia.

A follow-up question: Does China still believe that Australia is a safe country?

A: Providing a safe and sound environment for domestic citizens, foreign tourists and students alike is the common go