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Ambassador Wang Lutong Met with Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Massey University

On 12 January, Ambassador Wang Lutong met with the delegation led by Mr. Stuart Morriss, Assistant Vice-Chancellor Operations, International & University Registrar of Massey University at the embassy. Both sides exchanged views on further cooperation between Massey Universities and Chinese universities.


Ambassador Wang expressed appreciation on Massey University's involvement during President Xi Jinping's state visit to New Zealand in November, 2014. Ambassador Wang said this was of important significance for the educational cooperation and people-to-people exchange between two countries. Mr. Morriss said it was their great pleasure to receive the President's delegation, and all the students and staff were proud of it. They expected that Massey could broaden the cooperation with Chinese universities in the fields such as the creative arts and etc.


Ambassador Wang hoped that both sides could keep close connections and the embassy side would continue to support the cooperation between China-New Zealand universities.



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