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Ambassador Wang Lutong attends the opening ceremony of 'The Chinese Garden – Chinese New Year Art Exhibition' held by the Wellington City Council

    On February 11, Ambassador Wang Lutong and his wife were invited to attend the opening ceremony of 'The Chinese Garden – Chinese New Year Art Exhibition' organised by Wellington City Council at the Walrus Gallery. Wellington Mayor Wade - Brown, Ambassador Wang Lutong and Janet Andrews, President of the Wellington – Xiamen Association and a participating artist,delivered speeches at the ceremony. Nearly 100 guests from across New Zealand gathered together to celebrate the Chinese New Year, appreciate fine art and to show support for the 'Chinese Garden' project.

    The art-works created by two New Zealand artists and two New Zealand Chinese overseas artists were displayed at the exhibition. Ten percent of the proceeds of selling the paintings will be donated to the proposed 'Chinese Garden' project in Wellington.

    Mayor Brown noted in her speech that the proposed 'Chinese Garden' which will encompass both a traditional Chinese style and contemporary Chinese characteristics will be a symbol of friendship and a reflection of beauty. The 'Chinese Garden' will not only be a landmark of for Wellington, New Zealand's Capital, but will also become a landmark for New Zealand. Mayor Brown encouraged people from the broader community, together with businesses, to support this project and actively contribute to helping to complete the 'Chinese Garden' at an early date.

    In his speech, Ambassador Wang Lutong expressed appreciation for Wellington City Council's efforts to raise fund through the exhibition and the donations made by the four artists. Ambassador Wang noted that the 'Chinese Garden' project was initiated a long time ago and successfully launched in recent years, following the smooth development of China – New Zealand relations. Today, the 'Chinese Garden' project had entered an implementation phase thanks for the vigorous promotion of this project by Mayor Brown and the great support rendered by Beijing, Xiamen, the Wellington – Xiamen Association, New Zealand Chinese overseas and the Chinese community. The successful completion of the 'Chinese Garden' has become a dream shared by Wellington residents and New Zealand Chinese. The 'Chinese Garden' will signify friendship between China and New Zealand, and become a symbol for bilateral cultural exchanges. China is willing to join efforts with New Zealand to actively promote completion of the 'Chinese Garden' project at an early date.

    In her speech, Janet Andrews elaborated on the profound friendship between Wellington and Xiamen, and the earnest expectations from the other three artists on the completion of the 'Chinese Garden'. Ms Andrews also expressed a desire to contribute to the 'Chinese Garden' project with her art work.

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