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Ambassador Wang Lutong attends the Zhejiang Province Creative Design Exhibition

On July 6, the opening ceremony of the Zhejiang Province Creative Design Exhibition jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, China Cultural Centre in New Zealand and Wellington City Council was held at the Portrait Gallery in Wellington. Nearly one hundred guests from the wider communities attended the opening ceremony including H.E. Mr. Wang Lutong, China's Ambassador to New Zealand, Ms. Cecilia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington, Mr. Lai Yingjie, Director of the Information Office of Zhejiang Zhejiang Provincial Government, Mr. Cai Xiaochun, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Mr. Guo Zongguang, Director of China Cultural Centre in New Zealand,

In his remark, Ambassador Wang Lutong praised that Zhejiang Province has always been at the forefront of pragmatic cooperation with New Zealand and noted that with the significant development of the relations between China and New Zealand as well as that of the bilateral cultural exchanges and creative industrial cooperation growing rapidly, the exhibition could not take place at a more opportune time. The Zhejiang Province Creative Design Exhibition not only displayed the excellent creativity of the young artists of Zhejiang Province, but also demonstrated the contemporary development of the Chinese culture and its actual strength.

Mayor Wade-Brown recalled her two visits to Hangzhou in 2012 and 2014, noting that Hangzhou's West Lake had left her with lots of good memories. The Exhibition was a window into contemporary China and would facilitate cooperation between creative designers from the two countries. Ms. Wade-Brown believed that the Exhibition would further promote the development of cultural exchanges and creative industries between China and New Zealand.

Deputy Director Cai Xiaochun and Director Guo Zongguang also shared with the audience the objectives, significance and the purpose of the event. They hoped this exhibition would promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

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