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Director Shen Ming attends monthly meeting of Hawkes Bay Branch of New Zealand China Friendship Society

On the afternoon of September 3, the Hawkes Bay Branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) held its open monthly meeting in Hastings. The youth orchestra of Hawkes Bay played Chinese and foreign musical pieces, and some of the students shared their recent visiting experiences in China. NZCFS National President Mr. Dave Bromwich, NZCFS Hawkes Bay Branch President Mr. Klinkhamer Lou, NZCFS Hawkes Bay Branch Secretary Mr. Heiko Lade, some members of the NZCFS Hawkes Bay Branch as well as some citizens of Hastings attended the meeting. Mr. Shen Ming, director of the Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy and his colleague, Ms. Zheng Lin were invited to the meeting.

President Dave Bromwich briefed that organized by NZCFS Hawkes Bay Branch, a 40-member delegation of the Hawkes Bay Youth Orchestra paid a 10- day visit to China in April this year. During the visit, the delegation toured Guilin, Shanghai and other places, carrying out in-depth exchanges with Chinese local students and performed together with local Youth Palace Art Troupes. The delegation also visited historical sites and established friendship with Chinese youth.

One teacher and three student-members of the orchestra shared their experiences in China, noting that the beautiful scenery, brilliant Chinese culture and the hospitality of their Chinese hosts left them an unforgettable memory. Three students from the men’s football team of the Lindisfarne School in Hawkes Bay also recalled their matches with the Beijing August 1 School, expressing that their experiences had deepened their understanding and interest in the Chinese culture.

Director Shen Ming, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, presented books, music and film disks on Chinese culture to the NZCFS Hawkes Bay Branch.

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