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Ambassador Wang Lutong meets with La Peikang, Chairman of China Film Co. Ltd.

On September 27, Ambassador Wang Lutong met with a five-member delegation from the China Film Co. Ltd., headed by its Board Chairman La Peikang at the Chinese Embassy. Present at the meeting was Shen Ming, Director of the Chinese Embassy’s Cultural Section.

Ambassador Wang noted that the China - New Zealand relationship is at its best in history. Frequent exchanges between the two countries are not limited only to the political and economic fields, but have also commenced in the cultural exchange area. In recent years, China and New Zealand have engaged in active cooperation and exchanges in the film and television industry and achieved remarkable results. A number of film and television cooperative projects have been concluded between China and New Zealand. Ambassador Wang believed that the delegation’s visit will further advance in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the film industries of the two countries.

Chairman La Peikang expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Wang for his support to the delegation. Chairman La noted that New Zealand, besides its beautiful landscape, possesses advanced film and television production technology and professional teamwork of high creativity. New Zealand Government also actively supports the development of the film industry. The strength and advantages of the New Zealand film industry is worthy of learning for their Chinese counterparts. The delegation will focus on New Zealand’s preferential policies and actual film-making standards in order to lay the foundation for expanding future cooperation in the film industry.

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