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H.E. Ambassador Wang Lu Tong attends the 2016 China (Guangdong) Film Festival in New Zealand

On the evening of September 29, the 2016 China (Guangdong) Film Festival and Premiere in New Zealand, hosted by the Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau of Guangdong Province, was held at the Paramount Theater in Wellington. Over 400 people attended the opening ceremony, including China’s Ambassador to New Zealand Wang Lutong; Director of the Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau of Guangdong Province, Bai Jie; representative from the New Zealand Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, MP Melissa Lee; and Chief Executive of the New Zealand Film Commission, Dave Gibson; as well as representatives from the wider community and overseas Chinese in Wellington.

In his speech, Ambassador Wang Lutong expressed his warm congratulations for the opening of the Guangdong Film Festival. Ambassador Wang noted that there has been a comprehensive development in China – New Zealand relations in recent years, with increasing cultural exchanges in the film and television field. The Guangdong Film Festival is the first provincial film festival to be held in New Zealand, and also the first film festival held by Guangdong Province overseas. The Film Festival is a microcosm of film and television cooperation between China and New Zealand. This event played a positive role in the promotion of mutual understanding between the two peoples and would further advance the pragmatic cooperation between China and New Zealand.

Director Bai Jie noted that Guangdong Province, as China’s most active and most open province, is presenting various films at the film festival in New Zealand, including Cantonese opera films with local Cantonese characteristics, cartoons with rich visual effects, and commercial feature films with intricate plots. The Film Festival provided a platform for New Zealand people to learn about Guangdong films, as well as an opportunity for filmmakers in both countries to cooperate and exchange views. Director Bai hoped to join hands with her New Zealand counterparts to further advance cooperation and exchanges for a more prosperous film industry in both countries and a more in-depth friendship between the two peoples.

In their speeches, MP Melissa Lee and Mr Dave Gibson expressed their congratulations on the success of the Guangdong Film Festival. They hoped to gain a better understanding of the development of the Guangdong film industry through this event and are looking forward to having in-depth discussions with the Guangdong film delegation on cooperation and exchanges to create a better future.

Gangster action movie Heartfall Arises, starring Nicholas Tse and Lau Ching-wan, was debuted at the opening ceremony.

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