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Director Shen Ming attends "2016 Cross Culture Spring Show" at Te Papa

In the bright spring weather of Wellington, the“2016 Cross Culture Spring Show” was held at Te Papa Museum on October 29. The arts show, which mainly features Chinese cultural elements, was sponsored by the China Culture Center in New Zealand and organized by the New Zealand Chinese Culture and Arts Association. Nearly 400 people attended the arts event, including Director of the China Culture Center in New Zealand, Guo Zongguang, New Zealand MPs Brett Hudson and Chris Bishop, Wellington City Councillor Simon Woolf and representatives from the wider Wellington communities. The Director of the Chinese Embassy’s Consular Section, Wang Dong, and the Director of the Cultural Section, Shen Ming, were also invited to attend the event.

The arts show mainly featured Chinese cultural elements, including Chinese music and dance, Peking opera and tai chi kung fu performed by the New Zealand Chinese Culture and Arts Association. Meanwhile, other ethnic groups in Wellington region also put on their cultural and artistic performances. The arts show fully demonstrated the harmonious integration of Chinese culture with local ethnic culture and arts. The entire show was brilliant, with multiple highlights receiving bursts of warm applause from the audience. Like a warm spring breeze, the arts show brought the perfect artistic enjoyment to the Wellington people. Director Shen Ming was also invited to participate in the Chinese Peking Opera, cheongsam and calligraphy show. The four-character calligraphy ‘艺海春风’ (spring breeze of the arts sea) inscribed by Director Shen on site was well appreciated by the audience.

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