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Ambassador Wang Lutong and his wife meet with the President of the Katherine Mansfield's Birthplace Society

On April 28, Ambassador Wang Lutong and his wife Mdm. Yang Pengbo met with Nicola Saker, President of the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society; Society board members, Sheridan Bruce and Ian McKinnon; and Professor of the English Programme of Victoria University of Wellington, Jane Stafford.

Ambassador Wang noted that China – New Zealand relations are at an all-time high with increasing cooperation in all areas including cultural exchanges in the humanity area. Ambassador Wang hoped that the authors of the two countries should continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation in the future to further enhance mutual understanding and recognition of each other's culture.

Mr Saker, Professor Stafford and other attending representatives noted that Katherine Mansfield is one of the most outstanding authors of New Zealand over the past century, hoping her works would be appreciated by more Chinese readers in the future with more Chinese tourists visiting her birthplace. The participants also looked forward to having more platforms to promote exchanges in the literacy sector between the two countries.

Katherine Mansfield was born on October 14, 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand. She is one of New Zealand's most influential authors. A large number of her works were translated into Chinese by the famous modern Chinese author and translator, Xu Zhimo, and were published in China.

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